My 15 minute presentation on Quantum computing

02 Feb 2018

I did an Introduction to Quantum Computing talk for the Friday Activities at Noon (FAN) Club today. I feel like I covered important concepts on how quantum computers work and how they are built.

I did not emphasize the difference between near-term and fault tolerant quantum computers; so there might have been a couple of people in the audience who thought that the quantum devices of the next 5-10 years will be able to factorize large numbers or search unsorted databases efficiently.

If I had more time to present, I would have taken the opportunity to talk about the nuances of quantum computers; like the difference between physical and logical qubits. I would have also explained how simple quantum algorithms like Deutsch-Jozsa and Grover’s algorithms work. I did have the opportunity to demonstrate how quantum algorithms are programmed (I demoed a Bell State experiment using pyQuil).

Overall, I feel like the presentation went extremely well. I would redo this talk if I had 15 minutes to explain quantum computing to Undergraduate Engineering Students.

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