14 Aug 2023

The Copyright Act of 1909 posited that any published work that did not have a copyright notice attached to it was in the public domain. This statute was superseded by the Copyright Act of 1976 which declared the reverse: Any published work that did not have a copyright notice automatically reserved copyrights for the author and the author had to explicitly add a No Copyright notice in order to commit their work to the public domain. This blog has been working under the assumption of the defunct 1909 copyright law. In order to comply with the 1976 law, I’ve added a notice to every page on this site which waivers copyright.

This formality of wavering copyright gives us a chance to reflect on why this site is in the public domain in the first place. The reason for this site’s existence is for me to learn publicly. The greatest danger of self-teaching is that it’s extremely difficult to know when you are learning correctly due to having little to no external feedback. This site is for me to put my interpretations of various texts and interpretations of my experiences into writing in an attempt to make said interpretations more clear to myself and allow the public to learn from my learnings. If you want to incorporate my interpretations in your work then the ethics of academia will ask that you give credit although legally you won't need to do so. If on the off chance my interpretations help you build a billion dollar quantum business or something crazy like that, the quantum business will be built through your execution not from the work here cause this work is also available to everyone else. The commercial and open source projects I'm involved in are done elsewhere.

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To the extent possible under law, Victory Omole has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work by licensing it under a Public Domain License.